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NextEra Energy (NEE) Pays Us in Q1 2017

We received $81.22 ( 82.6246 shares x 98.3 cents) from NextEra Energy (NEE). The firm has increased its dividend per share this quarter by 11.3 cents. Since Nov 2016, the stock price has increased by +17% as 2016 earnings per share is up by +3% to US$6.25 from US$6.01 in 2015.  NextEra Energy expects earnings • Read More »

NextEra Energy (NEE) Pays Us in Q3-2016

A few weeks ago we received a nice chunk of cash from NextEra Energy (NEE) in the amount of $53.94 (87 cents X 62 shares). This represents a present yield of about 2.6% which is close to a 5-year low for NEE. This should hardly come as a surprise given that their share price has • Read More »

Next Era Energy (NEE) Dividend Paid

A utility company we’re holding called Next Era Energy just paid us a dividend of 87 cents per share which means we managed to net $52.20 (60 shares X 87 cents) of income on our position. Remember how in our last post we criticized investors for trying to time the market? Well we’re going to be completely • Read More »