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IBM Pays Us in Q1 2017

We received $111.22 (77.4429 shares x $1.40) from International Business Machine Corp (IBM). This is that last quarter that IBM will be paying dividends at $1.40 per share. We are expecting the dividends will increase by next quarter. In 2016, the IBM’s stock price increases by +30% as investors has seen that the firm is • Read More »

IBM Pays Us in Q3-2016

Just over a week ago we noticed that the guys and gals over at IBM wrote us a nice little check in the amount of $107.26 ($1.40 X 76.617). We really like IBM. Of course you’re not supposed to ever fall in love with your stocks or get all emotional over them. That’s why we • Read More »

IBM Gives Us a 7.69% Raise

Today we received a dividend payment from IBM in the amount of $99.89 ($1.40 X 71.35 shares) which we used to purchase additional IBM shares, or in this case about 2/3 of an IBM share. What’s notable about this payment is that IBM gave us a raise of +7.69%. While that may sound pretty significant, • Read More »