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Chevron (CVX) Pays Us in Q1 2017

We received $39.55 (36.6204 shares x $1.08) from Chevron (CVX). This is the second consecutive quarter that Chevron (CVX) is paying $1.08 dividends per share. Chevron’s stock price has been gaining momentum in 2016 after OPEC was hinting to cut oil production. In Dec 2016, OPEC’s move to lower oil output pushes world oil price • Read More »

Why We Sold Chevron (CVX)

As we mentioned in our last post, we’re looking to raise some cash so that we can turn around and pump it right back into our strategy over the next 57 months. We’ll give you an example of our thought process here using Chevron as an example. We’ve been accumulating Chevron for the past several • Read More »

Holding Our Breath on Chevron (CVX)

Today we logged into our Computershare account and noted a nice $136.55 ($1.07 per share X 127.620753 shares) payment from Chevron (CVX). We’ve stated before that the very first time a company stops increasing their dividend, we’re dumping them. That is the only time we sell a company aside from corporate events or in some cases • Read More »

Chevron’s (CVX) Dividend Champion Status

Today we received a dividend payment from Chevron (CVX) in the amount of $132.06 ($1.07 per share X 123.423784 shares). With this payment, we bought an additional 1.288 shares of Chevron (CVX) at $102.45. Now Chevron (CVX) is a very unique case because this is the 9th dividend payment of $1.07 prior to the last • Read More »