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3M (MMM) Pays Us in Q1 2017

We have received US$64.50 (59.89 shares x US$1.175) from 3M (MMM). The firm increased its dividends this quarter to US$1.175 dividends per share, up by US$0.065 from last quarter. We are expecting that 3M will be paying US$1.175 dividends per share for the next three quarters. Within Q42016, stock price rose by approximately +10% as • Read More »

3M (MMM) Pays Us in Q3-2016

Just one week ago, we received a check from 3M in the amount of $56.33 ($1.11 X 50.747). In looking back at MMM’s dividend increase history, it looks like our next raise is due in Q1-2017. Right now we’re getting a yield of about 2.5%. Since we use an objective selection strategy and dollar cost • Read More »

3M (MMM) Dividend Payment and Market Timing

On June 12th we received a dividend from 3M (MMM) in the amount of $50.89 ($1.11 per share X 45.846 shares). We used this dividend payment to buy 0.303 more shares through our dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). The first dividend we received in 2016 for MMM was the same, $1.11 per share, but represented an • Read More »