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Why You Shouldn’t Care About CAPM

We work in finance and we’ve achieved advanced degrees in finance. This doesn’t make us experts in finance, but it does give us the right to make some critical comments about an industry that revels in self-importance. Most of the people you encounter in finance would prefer that you think their work is far more • Read More »

Why We’re Nuts About Diversification

Now before you get all excited and congratulate us for being such forward thinkers, we’re not talking about “employee diversification”. What we’re talking about is “portfolio diversification”. Using Diversification for Stock Selection When we first developed our methodology for building the Quantigence DGI Portfolio, the foundation of our selection method was our belief in the importance • Read More »

Systemic Risk and Our Quantigence DGI Portfolio

In a recent article, we discussed 5 different ways you can access dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) for dividend growth investing stocks. While each stock in our Quantigence DGI Portfolio has a DRIP setup somewhere for us to partake in, we only utilize some of these programs. There are a number of reasons for that, but • Read More »

Let Go of Your Ego and Use Dollar Cost Averaging

When we first began investing, it was a nightmare. We’d read about an “exciting stock” that we thought would be the next Microsoft and then we entered a full position (all of our cash obviously) as soon as the market opened. Then we’d actually sit there and watch the price tick up and down, all • Read More »

5 Ways to “DRIP” a Dividend Growth Stock

If you’re a dividend growth investor, you’ll know what a DRIP is. The acronym “DRIP” stands for “Dividend ReInvestment Plan” which simply means that when you receive a dividend, it is automatically used to buy more shares in the company you received the dividend from. This provides a compounding effect over time that can have • Read More »

The Quantigence “Q-Score” Methodology

In an earlier article, we talked about the Quantigence “Q-Score” which is a numeric value based on 7 attributes of any dividend growth investing stock. These 7 attributes are as follows. Years Paying Dividends A company with a proven track record of increasing dividends for 25 years or more is in a very exclusive club. If • Read More »

Quantigence – Dividend Growth Investing Quantified

If you’re new to Dividend Growth Investing (DGI), it is simply the notion that stocks which increase their dividend every year give you a growing income stream that helps offset inflation as opposed to say, a bond which pays you a fixed amount of income. Dividend Growth Investors look for companies that have a track • Read More »

Why Dividend Growth Investing?

Having a “career” in finance isn’t something that’s desirable. It’s even less desirable when you meet people who find out that you work in finance and then they ask you that question that opens a can of worms. “So, what stocks tips do you have for me?” First of all, stock tips aren’t legal. If • Read More »