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Why We Sold Proctor & Gamble (PG)

In two recent articles, we talked about how it’s hard not to think that the markets will correct and we want to have as much cash free as possible. We have a 5-year buying plan (actually 56 months) so we’ve decided to pull back a bit on our buying and check back in early next year. We • Read More »

Why We Sold Chevron (CVX)

As we mentioned in our last post, we’re looking to raise some cash so that we can turn around and pump it right back into our strategy over the next 57 months. We’ll give you an example of our thought process here using Chevron as an example. We’ve been accumulating Chevron for the past several • Read More »

Why We Sold Realty Income (O)

We’ve talked before about how we don’t believe in market timing and that one should accumulate shares using dollar cost averaging (DCS) in order to remove emotion from the equation. In fact, the entire premise of the Quantigence methodology is around objectivity and rules. So why on earth would we be selling any of our • Read More »

International Sales Analysis: 3 of 3

In the first part of this article series, we identified 6 of our companies that have no international revenue exposure. We then analyzed 12 of the remaining stocks in our Quantigence DGI Portfolio and found that the average international revenue for these companies was 48%. We’ll now take a look at the last 12 stocks in • Read More »

International Sales Analysis: 2 of 3

In part one of this three part series on international sales, we talked about why we believe international revenues diversificaiton is important to our Quantigence DGI Portfolio and also identified 6 companies in our portfolio with zero international sales. This leaves us with 24 companies that all have varying degrees of international sales. We’ll take 12 of these companies and • Read More »

International Sales Analysis: 1 of 3

One of the seven factors we use to determine a Q-Score is that of international sales. Many of the companies in the Quantigence DGI Portfolio have international sales which provide our portfolio with geographic diversification. International revenues are usually received in foreign currencies so they act as a natural hedge against a weakening dollar. This • Read More »

Our Time Horizon to be Fully Vested

In our July Portfolio Update we noted that our contributions for that month totaled $8,515, an amount which we planned to continue contributing for the next 2 years in order to reach a target portfolio size of $400,000. Actually seeing that number on paper made us think about just how much money we’re plowing into our portfolio while the • Read More »

July 2016 Q-Score Changes

In our last article, we discussed the volatility of Q-Scores and how every time we refresh our data each month, Q-Scores are likely to fluctuate. In observing larger fluctuations either up or down, we can then pinpoint exactly which data points caused the movement. So where do we get our data from? Very simply, we use the • Read More »

The Volatility of Q-Scores

We first came up with Q-Scores because we wanted on objective way to measure the potential of a dividend growth stock to keep increasing our dividends over time. We calculated a Q-Score for every stock in our universe, analyzed each industry independently, and then assembled a portfolio of 30 dividend growth stocks. Now that our Quantigence DGI • Read More »

5 Conglomerates For Dividend Growth Investors

One of the most powerful concepts in investing that will preserve your wealth over time is that of diversification. Diversification comes in many forms such as industry diversification, time diversification (also known as dollar cost averaging), and geographic diversification (international sales). A certain type of stock called a “conglomerate” is perhaps the only case where • Read More »