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Why We’re Buying Ecolab (ECL)

The reason we started Quantigence is because we wanted an objective strategy for DGI investing that would allow for as little subjectivity as possible by analyzing each industry using a points based system called Q-Scores. What you won’t see us doing is buying or selling a stock on a whim based on the most recent opinion • Read More »

Adjusting Q-Scores for International Sales

In a series of three articles we published recently, each and every one of the 30 stocks we hold was analyzed for international revenues contributions. When we first put together the Q-Score formula, we were “screen scraping” revenue numbers from Yahoo and some of these were not that accurate. 8 of our stocks had minor adjustments • Read More »

Swapping Linear Technology (LLTC) for ADP

The whole idea behind Quantigence has been to make dividend growth investing more rules based and less subjective. We want as little portfolio turnover as possible once we have made our 30 selections. With that said, sometimes we will have corporate events that require decision making. It was announced today that one of our technology • Read More »

WTF Is Happening With REITs?

In case you’re new to REITs, they’re a type of security that invests in real estate and trades on major exchanges just like a stock does. They receive special tax considerations and usually offer high yields. It’s those high yields that attract most investors looking for income, however we like REITs for an entirely different reason. • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – REITs

When we first started looking at real estate investment trusts (REITs), we saw them as an opportunity to get some exposure to real estate because we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket by having a mortgage. The interesting thing about REITs is that they behave differently than any of the 10 • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Financials Stocks

We only have two sectors left to sort through before we’ve completed building our diversified “Quantigence DGI Portfolio” of 30 DGI stocks that will pay us growing income streams in the years to come. The 2 remaining sectors we have to analyze are “financials” and “REITs”. Now astute investors will challenge this statement because according to • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Materials Stocks

As we continue to churn our way through each GICS industry in order to objectively select the best stocks for our Quantigence DGI Portfolio, we are next going to look at the materials sector. The first thing we’ll do is pick all materials stocks that have raised dividends for 20 consecutive years or more which gives us • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Information Technology Stocks

The entire nature of dividend growth investing does not lend itself well to technology stocks. Why? Because technology stocks are typically high-growth, and with high-growth stocks you want to reinvest your profits into growing the company instead of paying dividends. With that said, the stock with the highest Q-Score across our entire universe of stocks • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Telecommunications Stocks

There are presently 10 GICS sectors with one more being added later this year, REITs, which brings the number of sectors we need to evaluate to 11. The sector with the least amount of choices for dividend growth investing (DGI) is telecommunications. At some point in time when landlines were common place, there may have • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Consumer discretionary stocks should typically perform well when the economy is doing well because people have more discretionary income. This is opposite to consumer staples stocks which perform well in any economic climate because people need them no matter what the economy is doing. The first thing we need to do is come up with our • Read More »