IBM Pays Us in Q3-2016

Just over a week ago we noticed that the guys and gals over at IBM wrote us a nice little check in the amount of $107.26 ($1.40 X 76.617). We really like IBM. Of course you’re not supposed to ever fall in love with your stocks or get all emotional over them. That’s why we • Read More »

Exxon Mobil (XOM) Pays Us in Q3-2016

Just over a week ago we received a nice little check from Exxon Mobil (XOM) in the amount of $92.52 (75 cents X 123.356888). While most of oil-driven angst is surrounding our hopes for Chevron to not decrease their dividend, we’re still a bit concerned about XOM as well. As for raised, we received one • Read More »

Why We’re Buying Ecolab (ECL)

The reason we started Quantigence is because we wanted an objective strategy for DGI investing that would allow for as little subjectivity as possible by analyzing each industry using a points based system called Q-Scores. What you won’t see us doing is buying or selling a stock on a whim based on the most recent opinion • Read More »

Holding Our Breath on Chevron (CVX)

Today we logged into our Computershare account and noted a nice $136.55 ($1.07 per share X 127.620753 shares) payment from Chevron (CVX). We’ve stated before that the very first time a company stops increasing their dividend, we’re dumping them. That is the only time we sell a company aside from corporate events or in some cases • Read More »

Adjusting Q-Scores for International Sales

In a series of three articles we published recently, each and every one of the 30 stocks we hold was analyzed for international revenues contributions. When we first put together the Q-Score formula, we were “screen scraping” revenue numbers from Yahoo and some of these were not that accurate. 8 of our stocks had minor adjustments • Read More »

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Pays Us

September is going to be a big month for dividends, and we just got paid $79.60 (80 cents X 99.49543) from old reliable Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). It looks like the next time we get a raise from JNJ is going to be Q2-2017 so until then we’re happy to just sleep well and wait. • Read More »

Walmart (WMT) Pays Us Fiddy Cents

Today while we were busting our butts at our tedious day jobs in finance, we happened to notice that Walmart (WMT) sent us some cash, fiddy cents per share to be exact. We received our dividend payment from WMT in the amount of $77.75 in cash (50 cents X 155.4989 shares) which just went into • Read More »

Aflac (AFL) Pays Us

On the first of this month AFL paid us $49.04 (119.6196 shares X 41 cents) which is the same dividend payment we received last time. As we said in our last AFL dividend payment update, we’re looking for our next AFL dividend payment to include a raise of 2 cents which would be growth of 4.88%. With • Read More »

Aqua America (WTR) Gives Us 7.3% Raise

On the first day of this new month we received a payment from one of the companies we have partial ownership in to the tune of $51.89 (271.27 shares X 19.13  cents). We used this money to buy more shares of WTR using the Aqua America drip plan. This represents a raise of 7.5% which is • Read More »

International Sales Analysis: 3 of 3

In the first part of this article series, we identified 6 of our companies that have no international revenue exposure. We then analyzed 12 of the remaining stocks in our Quantigence DGI Portfolio and found that the average international revenue for these companies was 48%. We’ll now take a look at the last 12 stocks in • Read More »