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Quantigence is an information resource for dividend growth investors who are looking for a more objective way for stock selection and portfolio construction. The site is authored by experienced finance professionals who are managing an actual DGI portfolio of their own money.

Start here to learn about the founder of Quantigence and his motivations behind creating the site:

Now read this article which tells you why we picked dividend growth investing as our preferred strategy:

Now read these two articles about how we construct our Quantigence DGI Portfolio using “Q-Scores”:

Now read these 11 articles which evaluate each of the 11 GICS sectors for stocks to include in the Quantigence DGI Portfolio:

Now read this article which lists out all the members of the Quantigence DGI Portfolio and also shows you how to trade the entire basket of 30 stocks as a single stock:

So now that we’ve constructed our Quantigence DGI Portfolio, we’ll do more than just sit back and watch the dividend payments come pouring in. We’ll regularly analyze the portfolio and cash flows in “Quantigence DGI Portfolio” articles. Each time we receive a dividend from one of our companies, we’ll report the amount in a “Quantigence Dividend Payments” article and write a bit about what said company has been up to. We’ll continue to revisit ways to improve the effectiveness of our overall strategy in “Quantigence DGI Strategy” articles. And lastly, we’ll periodically revisit our sector analysis exercise in our “Quantigence Sector Analysis” articles and take action to replace any s
tock that is ever acquired or stops paying dividends. We’ll also provide you with the occasional article on “Quantigence Living” which will help you learn how to maximize the pleasures of life while at the same time saving to build your own DGI portfolio.

Welcome to Quantigence!

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