March 2017 Monthly Summary

We received dividend payments from 12 companies in March 2017. The total dividend payment from these companies is US$742.15. On average, we have received ~US$62 per company for this month. Below is a summary table of our dividend payments for March 2017:

We received more than US$100 from International Business Machine (IBM). We received dividends that range between US$75-US$100 from 4 Companies – Exxon (XOM), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Next Energy (NEE) and McDonalds (MCD). In terms of Dividend per Share, there are 3 companies that paid more than US$1 – IBM, XOM and 3M (MMM) while there are 2 companies that paid between 90 cents to 1 dollar – NEE and MCD.

Overall, IBM’s dividend payment made up 15% of the total monthly dividend income, followed by Chevron (13%), McDonalds (11%) and Johnson & Johnson(11%).

In Q1 2017, we saw 3 companies that have increased their dividends.

In the next quarter, we are expecting that Exxon (XOM), International Business Machine (IBM) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) will be increasing their dividend per share.

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