March 2017 Monthly Summary

We received dividend payments from 12 companies in March 2017. The total dividend payment from these companies is US$742.15. On average, we have received ~US$62 per company for this month. Below is a summary table of our dividend payments for March 2017: We received more than US$100 from International Business Machine (IBM). We received dividends • Read More »

VF Corp (VFC) Pays Us in Q1 2017

We received US$62.88 ( 149.7142 shares x 42 cents) from VF Corp (VFC). This is the second consecutive quarter that the firm paid dividends at 42 cents per share.  In 2016, the stock price has declined by -10% YoY basis as investors are wary over its revenue performance. 2016 revenue drivers were international sales and • Read More »

NextEra Energy (NEE) Pays Us in Q1 2017

We received $81.22 ( 82.6246 shares x 98.3 cents) from NextEra Energy (NEE). The firm has increased its dividend per share this quarter by 11.3 cents. Since Nov 2016, the stock price has increased by +17% as 2016 earnings per share is up by +3% to US$6.25 from US$6.01 in 2015.  NextEra Energy expects earnings • Read More »