Realty Income (O) Pays us in Q1 2017

We received dividend payments from Realty Income (O). The stock price has increased by +10% since Jan 2017 as investors are covering their short positions with the anticipation of additional Fed interest rate hike in 2017. Analysts are expecting that 2017 will be volatile due to the interest rate hike but are optimistic in its earnings after the acquisitions done in 2016.

The dividend yield is +4.1%. The firm’s stock price will be volatile in 2017 due to the anticipation of more Fed interest rate hike, thus, dividend yield will also be volatile in 2017. Nevertheless, we are still expecting that Realty Income will be paying dividends in the near future as we foresee that the firm will generate additional revenues from their 2016 acquisitions.

The dividend payout ratio is 2.1. Since 2015, the dividend payout ratio has been in the 2 range.

The dividend growth rate from 1 yr to 10 yr period has been +3.3% to 7%. Realty Income has been increasing dividends since 1999. Its compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is +4.7%.

In March 15, 2017, the company announces that it will be increasing its April 2017 dividends per share to 21.1 cents, slightly up by +0.2% from previous months. The increase is the 78th consecutive quarters. It is also the 560th consecutive dividend payments.

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