APD Pays us a Dividend

Just a few days ago we received $34.77 (86 cents X 40.43 shares) from Air Products and Chemicals (APD) which represents a current yield of around 2.31%. Our current position size in APD is around $6,386 which is about half of our target position size of $13,300. We’ll expect two more dividend payments of 86 cents • Read More »

July 2016 Q-Score Changes

In our last article, we discussed the volatility of Q-Scores and how every time we refresh our data each month, Q-Scores are likely to fluctuate. In observing larger fluctuations either up or down, we can then pinpoint exactly which data points caused the movement. So where do we get our data from? Very simply, we use the • Read More »

The Volatility of Q-Scores

We first came up with Q-Scores because we wanted on objective way to measure the potential of a dividend growth stock to keep increasing our dividends over time. We calculated a Q-Score for every stock in our universe, analyzed each industry independently, and then assembled a portfolio of 30 dividend growth stocks. Now that our Quantigence DGI • Read More »

AT&T Pays us Some Coin

Just last week we received a nice chunk of change from AT&T (NYSE:T) amounting to $109.23 (227.57 shares X 48 cents per share) which we used to buy more shares of T with per our DRIP setup. As you can recall, there aren’t any other stocks to choose from that meet our criteria in the telecommunications sector so • Read More »

How’s Our Cash Position Looking?

After producing the July portfolio update a few days ago, we came away from the exercise with mixed feelings. Our plan to invest around $9,000 USD per month for the next 24 months is great and all but we don’t like the market today. The S&P is hitting all-time highs now and it seems like the • Read More »

Quantigence July 2016 Portfolio Update

As we conclude the month of July, it’s our first month we’ve spent buying the 30-stock Quantigence portfolio that we put together in June. Surprisingly, we already have to change one stock as chip company Linear Technology Corporation (LLTC) will be acquired by a company called Analog Devices (ADI). Provided the acquisition goes through, we’re going to • Read More »