Quantigence August 2016 Portfolio Update

As we conclude the month of August, it’s only the second month we’ve spent buying the 30-stock Quantigence portfolio that we put together in June yet we’ve already made a pretty big change to our plan. Whereas before we were planning to full vest our portfolio in 2 years’ time, we’ve now changed that time horizon to 5 years. You can read about why we made that decision here, but the point is that now we’re investing about $3735 per month as opposed to upwards of $9,000 per month.

As for income received in August, we took in a total of $407.71 as seen below:

T 8/2/2016 $109.23
LOW 8/3/2016 $2.10
APD 8/9/2016 $34.77
O 8/16/2016 $44.12
NNN 8/16/2016 $118.32
PG 8/16/2016 $99.17

We received a massive 25% dividend raise from LOW and a 4.6% raise from NNN. As for money we put into our portfolio, this was varied across the board as we moved to extend our time horizon to 5 years and ended up being just under $3,000. We also evaluated each one of our holdings to make sure that we are paying the least amount of transaction costs as possible.  We were able to save $116.72 cents per year after all is said and done.

The problem is that it is a big pain to do share transfers as some companies require in order to be a part of their DRIP plan. In some cases (like SHW and PH), we need to transfer existing share positions from a broker to one of the transfer agents and it is a manual process that usually requires some hand holding. In a few months this should all be cleared up and we’ll be paying very low transaction costs to buy 30 stocks a month ($15.67 per month to be exact).

Aside from collecting our checks, we also decided to go through our portfolio and refresh the “international revenues” data points for all 30 stocks we hold. This uncovered a few surprises that we’ll need to cover in future articles. We also had our first serious talk with the boss and told him we’re really keen on severance for next year. Fingers crossed!

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