A Tiny Raise from Realty Income Corp

This month we received a monthly dividend payment from Realty Income Corp (O) in the amount of $43.99 (220.524 X .1995 cents) which we promptly used to buy more shares of O through our DRIP program. O happens to be the only company in our Quantigence portfolio that pays us monthly instead of quarterly like • Read More »

Medtronic Gives us a Raise of 13.16%

On July 27th Medtronic (MDT) gave us a dividend payment of $24.84  (43 cents X 57.772 shares) which also represented a raise of 13.16%. While we’re not blown away by MDT’s current yield of 1.96%, we’re certainly excited about how strong their dividend growth has been over time. Here’s their historical dividend increase growth over • Read More »

Swapping Linear Technology (LLTC) for ADP

The whole idea behind Quantigence has been to make dividend growth investing more rules based and less subjective. We want as little portfolio turnover as possible once we have made our 30 selections. With that said, sometimes we will have corporate events that require decision making. It was announced today that one of our technology • Read More »

A Federal Realty Trust (FRT) Raise is Due

This month we received a dividend payment of $59.89 (.94 X 63.71) from Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT) which is the fourth payment in a row of 94 cents per share. If history repeats itself, then our next dividend payment from FRT should come with an increase. Here’s a look at FRT’s historical dividend growth • Read More »

Franklin Resources (BEN) Pays Us

This month we received a dividend from Franklin Resources (BEN) in the amount of $23.94 (.18 X 133.011766) which we used to buy .691238 more shares of BEN. One thing to note about BEN is that the stock has not performed well having lost over -20% in the past 5 years. Given that we will • Read More »

We Get 30 Raises a Year

When you work in a typical corporation, things suck. Human resources is always sending out emails reminding you to fill out whatever lame performance review forms they’ve decided to impose on you and your team. Compliance is always warning you not to trade stocks. Legal is always telling you not to throw away important papers. “Talent • Read More »

5 Conglomerates For Dividend Growth Investors

One of the most powerful concepts in investing that will preserve your wealth over time is that of diversification. Diversification comes in many forms such as industry diversification, time diversification (also known as dollar cost averaging), and geographic diversification (international sales). A certain type of stock called a “conglomerate” is perhaps the only case where • Read More »

WTF Is Happening With REITs?

In case you’re new to REITs, they’re a type of security that invests in real estate and trades on major exchanges just like a stock does. They receive special tax considerations and usually offer high yields. It’s those high yields that attract most investors looking for income, however we like REITs for an entirely different reason. • Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Care About CAPM

We work in finance and we’ve achieved advanced degrees in finance. This doesn’t make us experts in finance, but it does give us the right to make some critical comments about an industry that revels in self-importance. Most of the people you encounter in finance would prefer that you think their work is far more • Read More »

Why We’re Nuts About Diversification

Now before you get all excited and congratulate us for being such forward thinkers, we’re not talking about “employee diversification”. What we’re talking about is “portfolio diversification”. Using Diversification for Stock Selection When we first developed our methodology for building the Quantigence DGI Portfolio, the foundation of our selection method was our belief in the importance • Read More »