VF Corp Pays Us a Dividend

As we discussed in out past article on dividend growth investing in consumer discretionary stocks, VF Corp (VFC) is a stock that we expect to perform well when people have lots of discretionary income. This month, VFC dropped us a dividend payment of $44 (.37 cents 118.92 shares) which we allocated to our monthly purchase • Read More »

A McDonalds (MCD) Divy Payment

Is it just us that get annoyed when someone refers to a dividend as a “divy”? Are you really in that much of a rush? Just say “dividend”. This is the last time you’ll hear us use the phrase “divy”. That’s a 4-letter word and we don’t use those here on Quantigence. Full stop. So, • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Consumer discretionary stocks should typically perform well when the economy is doing well because people have more discretionary income. This is opposite to consumer staples stocks which perform well in any economic climate because people need them no matter what the economy is doing. The first thing we need to do is come up with our • Read More »

Next Era Energy (NEE) Dividend Paid

A utility company we’re holding called Next Era Energy just paid us a dividend of 87 cents per share which means we managed to net $52.20 (60 shares X 87 cents) of income on our position. Remember how in our last post we criticized investors for trying to time the market? Well we’re going to be completely • Read More »

6 Ways to Save Money During Business Trips

Let’s be clear about one thing here. When you work for a company that gives you eff-all for a raise, year over year, while that same company has nearly tripled in size, you don’t exactly feel incented to save them money. That’s not what this article is about. It’s about how we can save you money • Read More »

3M (MMM) Dividend Payment and Market Timing

On June 12th we received a dividend from 3M (MMM) in the amount of $50.89 ($1.11 per share X 45.846 shares). We used this dividend payment to buy 0.303 more shares through our dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). The first dividend we received in 2016 for MMM was the same, $1.11 per share, but represented an • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Industrial Stocks

We’re going to scan the industrial sector for 3 stocks to add to our portfolio while using Q-Scores to identify the industrial stocks with the most potential for growing their dividends. We will also pay attention to what capacity each company is working in. If two industrial stocks are selling the exact same things to the exact • Read More »

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Grows Dividend 6.66%

On June 7th we received a dividend from JNJ of $76.53 (.80 cents per share X 95.667007). We used this dividend payment to buy an additional .660064 shares because we have a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) setup. What’s exciting about the dividend payment we receive this month is that it came with a +6.66% raise! • Read More »

Dividend Growth Investing – Healthcare Stocks

The healthcare sector contains at least one name that almost everyone would agree DGI investors should hold; Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). We’re going to pick 3 stocks from this sector and we’d anticipate that JNJ probably has the highest Q-Score in this sector. Let’s first establish our universe to choose from. We screen all healthcare • Read More »

Exxon (XOM) Grows Dividend by 2.7%

Yesterday we received a dividend payment from Exxon Mobil (XOM) in the amount of $87.58 (75 cents per share X 116.77945 shares). With this payment, we bought an additional 1.288 shares of CVX at $102.45. As we mentioned in yesterday’s article on Chevron, the energy industry has been hit hard by the rapid decline in the • Read More »