Who is Quantigence?

Hello gentle readers. My name is Joe P and I am the founder of Quantigence. The first thing you will notice is that I don’t disclose my full name. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, I am presently employed as an officer at a financial services firm and it is best that I keep my side projects to myself so that I can enjoy gainful employment for the time being. Secondly, I’m disclosing a great deal of information about what sort of assets I have which can attract the wrong kind of attention. Since I choose to remain anonymous, I owe you the reader a bit of background about myself since that information is not readily available to you.

I’m a 39 year old American who was born in a rural town in the U.S. to a large family. My family grew up with little means, and my parents worked tirelessly to support 6 children making sure that we had the best life possible. I never went to high school, and instead started working at an early age. I bagged groceries, bussed tables, operated a saw, cleaned hotel rooms, and did whatever I could to make money. While working as a waiter, I met many successful people who inspired me to go to college. Since I was 12, my hobby was computing so I started with a 2-year degree in computing. From there, I went on to a 4-year university and studied part time to achieve my Bachelor’s degree while working in mainly software startups. After that, I moved to England and studied my MBA. During that time, I networked like mad and landed myself a job in London working for a top-5 investment bank. Our division ended up spinning out as an IPO, and I landed another role for the same company i
n Asia where I’ve resided for 6 years and also achieved a Masters in Finance.

Now entering the corporate world was an eye opener for me. Competence does not matter that much in corporations. The term “office politics” refers to those people who choose to live their working days under a false persona. The term “HR” generally refers to the realm of sluggish, mouth-breathing land monsters or young attractive girls who couldn’t make it in fashion blogging and took the next best career choice in HR because “they like working with people”. The term “EMC” refers to “emerging market centers” which is where you have to deal with recipe-driven robots with funny accents while knowing that eventually 3 of them will take over your job. The term “compensation day” is when you find out that you’re not getting any raise, not even inflation. “ABC Compression” simply means that your bonus this year will be less than your bonus last year. The term “PIP” refers to a “performance improvement plan” which is what you have to resort to instead of firing some incompetent moro
n because we’re such a litigious society. The term “politically correct” simply means that you can never say what’s on your mind without offending someone. In short, the corporate world is a soul sapping environment where you are used and discarded unless you’re willing to play “the game”.

Being a corporate slave is not the sort of life I want to live, so roughly 5 years ago I started saving my money and studying investment strategies. The one strategy that was apparent to me as superior was that of dividend growth investing (DGI) . So I started buying dividend growth stocks.

If you’re making 6 figures in the U.S., you’re not wealthy at all. But if you make 6 figures and don’t have a car or need one, you don’t have a family, you don’t care about fashion, and you don’t frequent overpriced restaurants everyday, you can save A LOT of money. As of today I’m sitting on around $320,000 in either cash or DGI stocks. I founded Quantigence because I wanted to overlay the DGI concept with an objective methodology for stock selection. This idea has culminated in the Q-Score which will drive the creation of a Quantigence DGI portfolio that will be shared with you the reader.

During my life I’ve been fascinated with the world and have traveled to almost 80 countries now. Throughout my travels, I learned that most of the world is not as fortunate as I am. I’ve also learned that you can live comfortably on $1,000 a month in many countries. That knowledge led me to set a goal of having a $400,000 DGI portfolio with a 3% return that would produce an income stream of $1,000 a month. That’s what we’re going to do here at Quantigence. We’re going to assemble that $400,000 portfolio together. We’re going to watch that $1,000 a month income stream come to fruition so I can escape the miserable corporate world, and you can too. And we’re going to learn a whole lot doing so. Welcome to Quantigence.

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